You’re not alone.

Nothing prepares you for seeing your ‘baby’ go through things most grown ups couldn’t comprehend, let alone handle. They may be small but they remember being scared, the pain, the look in your face as you physically restrain them. It doesn’t get easier, each time pushes you harder, it makes you doubt whether you are making the right decisions. It tests your resolve, the emotion is cumulative. You feel your heart tearing apart as the tears stream down her face and the screams echo around the room. The words ‘stay strong’ anger you. You’re not strong, you have no choice. P’s life will be full of challenges and you frequently feel like just an observer. You wake each morning wishing you could take it all away, even for one day.

Tomorrow it all starts again, it’s relentless. More examinations, more appointments, more medication, more barriers to break down and more tears. Can you keeping going?……and then she smiles, she giggles, her gorgeous eyes meet yours and your heart melts. You can do it…

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